06 April 2011


I ate this at Grand Lux Cafe at Galleria a few years back and loved it!  I went home and figured out how to make it myself (although I'm sure they don't use sauce in a jar!)


Penne Pasta
Jar of Vodka sauce (I like Classico)
Fresh basil (can use dried basil or dried italian seasoning instead)
Mozzerella Cheese
Parmessan Cheese

Cook the pasta.  Heat up the sauce in a large pan and heat.  Add the seasoning.  When the pasta is almost done, put it in the sauce to finish cooking.  Add just a little of the pasta water.  Pull the pasta off the stove and add a TON of cheese (I probably add 1/2 cup of each) and mix together.  The cheese will melt all throughout the pasta and be AMAZING!

You can add grilled chicken if you would like.

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