29 January 2012


 I really don't like breakfast foods.  I enjoy it every now and then, but in general I would prefer a nice salad any day to anything breakfast.  (Sweet breakfasts - pancakes, waffles, etc. - don't count because that's really a dessert) Breakfast is just so beige - eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, hash browns, pancakes, waffles - ALL in the beige/brown family.  It's just so boring!  I know that shouldn't effect my liking of breakfast, but it does.  SO I am trying to find breakfast foods that I do enjoy.  Adding veggies and colorful foods not only make it look and taste less boring, it let's me check off a serving of veggies for the day.  I also added feta cheese (which I LOVE) and it really made all the difference!

Since I am not a breakfast pro, I wanted to consult someone who knew what they were doing in the omelette department - This quick video of Jamie Oliver is a great one.


Olive Oil
Small pad of butter
2 - 3 eggs
Cheese (I used colby jack cheese and feta cheese)
Meat (I used diced ham)
Veggies (I used tomatoes, mushrooms and green bell pepper)

Crack the eggs in a bowl.  Whisk the eggs together.  Add a bit of salt and pepper.

In a small pan (Jamie says 7") over medium heat, add the oil and butter.  Coat the pan.  When the pan is hot, add the eggs.  

After about 30 seconds, add the cheese and veggies.  Let the cheese and veggies melt into the eggs. 

Using a spatula, loosen the egg from the pan.  Flip one side of the omelette over the other and slide onto plate.


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